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Sony VAIO VGC-LS25E Desktop PC

When space is at a premium, the Sony VAIO VGC-LS25E all-in-one desktop PC offers a slender, space-saving design that will complement your living space while also providing a powerful home computing platform with an integrated widescreen LCD display. Reminiscent of a classic glass picture frame, the remarkably thin VGC-LS25E is enclosed in a transparent polycarbonate frame, giving it a stunning, floating effect. Cables are discretely routed, ports are conveniently located on the sides, and wired connections are minimized (with the integrated Wi-Fi LAN and included wireless keyboard and mouse) to enhance its clutter-free design.

In addition to its computing prowess, this all-in-one desktop also doubles as a 19-inch LCD TV (with built-in NTSC and ATSC tuners) and features Sony's XBRITE Hi-Color panel technology for brighter imagery and more vibrant colors. It has a built-in DVD burner and Sony's Click to DVD software so you can create a digital entertainment library for personal viewing at your convenience. Video conferencing has never been easier, thanks to the integrated camera and free AOL AIM chat service.

Under the hood, VGC-LS25E s powered by the 1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5600 processor, which provides an optimized, multithreaded architecture for improved gaming and multitasking performance. It also features an extra-large 250 GB hard drive, 2 GB of installed RAM (maximizing capacity), NVidia GeForce Go 7400 graphics card with up to 335 MB of shared video RAM, multi-format Memory Stick reader, and a Secure Digital memory card slot.

This desktop also comes preinstalled with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium, which includes all of the Windows Media Center capabilities for turning your PC into an all-in-one home entertainment center. In addition to easily playing your DVD movies and managing your digital audio library, you'll be able to record and watch your favorite TV shows (even HDTV). Vista also integrates new search tools throughout the operating system, includes new parental control features, and offers new tools that can warn you of impending hardware failures.

The Basics

  • Processor: The Intel Core 2 Duo T5600 processor has a 1.83 GHz processor speed, super-fast 667 MHz front-side bus (FSB), and large 2 MB L2 cache. (An L2, or secondary, cache temporarily stores data; and a larger L2 cache can help speed up your system's performance. The FSB carries data between the CPU and RAM, and a faster front-side bus will deliver better overall performance.)

    The Intel Core 2 Duo processor has two computational execution cores in a single processor, providing greater system response when running multi-threaded applications simultaneously with no significant increase in power consumption. It's optimized for multitasking and is ready to support the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. It can simultaneously run multiple demanding applications--such as graphics-intensive games or serious number-crunching business productivity applications--while downloading music or running virus-scanning security programs in the background. Some of the advanced Intel innovations of the Core 2 Duo processor include:

    • Smart Memory Access: Improves system performance by hiding memory latency, thus optimizing the use of available computer data bandwidth to provide data to the processor when and where it is needed.
    • Advanced Digital Media Boost: Effectively doubles the execution speed for instructions used widely in multimedia and graphics applications.
    • Dynamic Power Coordination: Coordinates Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology and idle power-management state (C-states) transitions independently per core to help save power.
    • Deeper Sleep with Dynamic Cache Sizing: Saves power by flushing cache data to system memory during periods of inactivity to lower CPU voltage.
  • Hard Drive: The extra-large 250 GB Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive (7200 RPM) offers a wealth of storage space, perfect for storing a vast multimedia collection or for editing digital video. This SATA hard drive also quickens the pace with a higher speed transfer of data--akin to FireWire and USB 2.0.
  • Memory: The 2 GB of built-in memory (PC5300, DDR2 SDRAM, 2 x 1 GB) maximizes the capacity for this machine, enabling you to effortlessly handle a wide variety of multimedia tasks right out of the box. It also offers a top-of-class 667 MHz speed.
  • DVD/CD Drive: The double-layer DVD drive is compatible with a wide range of formats, including both DVD+RW and DVD-RW discs, CD-RW discs, and dual-layer (DL) DVD+/-R discs, which can hold up to 8.5 GB of data--great for backing up your MP3 collection or your most important documents. It features the following speeds: 2.4x for DVD+R DL, 2x for DVD-R DL, 8x for both single layer DVD+R/-R, 4x for both single layer DVD+RW/-RW, 5x for DVD-RAM, and 24x/16x for CD-R/RW. It reads DVD-ROM discs at 8x and CD-ROMs at 24x.
  • Keyboard & Mouse: The included wireless mouse and wireless aluminum keyboard folds up for a beautiful presentation when not in use.
Screen, Video & Audio
The 19-inch LCD panel has an amazing 1680 x 1050-pixel resolution. And thanks to Sony's XBRITE Hi-Color panel technology, the flat-panel screen will deliver dazzling colors and sharp images whether displaying a DVD movie, television show, or web content. You can connect a standard antenna or cable/satellite set-top box to the VGC-LS25E via either RF, composite A/V, or S-Video connections. This desktop includes integrated NTSC (standard broadcast) and ATSC (digital, HD) TV tuners.

Video is powered by the NVidia GeForce Go 7400 graphics card with up to 335 MB of video RAM shared with the system memory. Nvidia's TurboCache feature increases the performance of this thin and light notebook PC without increasing its size or draining its battery. It's coupled with the PowerMizer 6.0 advanced power management technology, which significantly extends your notebook PC's battery life while minimizing the amount of heat it produces.

Networking, Connectivity & Expansion
By utilizing the unit's built-in wireless LAN (802.11 b/g) technology, the VGC-LS25E can be positioned virtually anywhere in the home or office and still access Internet sites, e-mail, and networked PCs and hard drives. It also includes a next-generation ExpressCard 54 card slot (in addition to a standard Type II/I PCMCIA slot), which lets you take advantage of thinner, faster, and lighter expansion cards for even more advanced wireless, networking, storage, and security features. You get a good offering of connectivity options:

  • 4 USB 2.0 ports for connecting a wide range of peripherals--from digital cameras to MP3 players
  • 1 FireWire (also known as IEEE 1394 or i.Link) port for connecting digital video camcorders and other peripherals
  • 1 composite A/V input
  • 1 S-Video input
  • 1 RF cable/antenna input
  • Memory Stick slot (supports optional Memory Stick and Memory Stick DUO media with MagicGate functionality)
  • Secure Digital memory card slot (also compatible with MMC cards)
  • 1 headphone jack, 1 microphone jack, 1 audio line-in jack
It also has an integrated 56K modem (V.90) and an RJ-45 LAN network port (for a 10/100 Ethernet connection to networks and DSL/cable modems).

Operating System
Windows Vista Home Premium is the operating system for users with advanced computer needs, and it includes all of the Windows Media Center capabilities for turning your PC into an all-in-one home entertainment center for watching DVD movies and accessing your digital audio library. You can also use Windows Media Center to record and watch your favorite TV shows (even HDTV) and to access new kinds of online entertainment content. Computers that include Windows Vista Home Premium and an auxiliary Windows SideShow display will also allow you to access key data even when your computer is off. It is also easier than ever to share files between other PCs in your household and to manage your laptop computer settings to more securely connect to your favorite WiFi hotspot.

Every edition of Windows Vista provides the essential tools and technologies to help protect you whether you are browsing the Internet, connecting to a wireless network, or just reading e-mail. All editions of Windows Vista include new tools that can warn you of impending hardware failures long before you have lost any important personal data. And, all Windows Vista editions include parental control features that allow you to manage and monitor your family's use of games, the Internet, instant messaging, and other activities.

Preloaded Software
Includes Sony Click to DVD (for easy DVD creation), Microsoft Works, Microsoft Office 2007 Student and Teacher Edition (60-day trial), Symantec Norton Internet Security 2007 (with 60 days of Live Update).

Dimensions & Weight
This desktop LCD/PC measures 20.94 x 14.05 x 7.44 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 15 pounds.

It has a power consumption rating of 150W (+10%).

What's in the Box
This package includes the Sony VAIO VGC-LS25E all-in-one desktop PC/TV, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, remote control, IR blaster, RF cable, and 8cm disc adapter. It's backed by a 1-year warranty with onsite service, and 1 year of toll-free technical phone assistance.

Accentuate your home or office with this stunning PC/TV showpiece. The sleek and modern, yet highly-functional, VAIO(R) LS25E has the esstentials for powerful computing performance typically found in a desktop tower but built into the back of the falt panel LCD TV display. Cables are discretely routed, portsare conveniently located on the sides and wired connections are minimized with the included wireless keyboard and mouse. Watch and record high quality TV with ATSC and NTSC supported TV Tuner. Kick back and relax with a DVD movie or create your own digital library using the built-in DVD writer and software. Multimedia Card Reader - One PCMCIA Type I & II Card Slot with CardBus support One ExpressCard 54 Slot Sony Sound Reality Audio Enhancer System 19-inch WSXGA 1680x1050 XBrite HiColor Technology nVidia GeForce Go 7400 GPU 335MB Video RAM Intel 945PM Chipset ATSC and NTSC TV Tuner Ports - Line-in Audio, Audio/Video Composite Input, Ethernet Port, Headphone Jack, 4-pin iLink Interface, Memory Stick(R) Media Slot, Modem Jack, Secure Digital Slot, Microphone, RF Connection, S-Video Input, 4x USB 2.0 Port and DC-in Operating System - Windows Vista Home Premium Dimensions - Width 20.94 x Height 14.05 x Depth 7.44 inches (CPU and Display Only) Weight - 15 pounds Note - When you first turn this machine on, you will have to wait ONLY 5-6 minutes before you use Windows Vista.

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